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We provide lighting and sound for several of Festival Productions, Inc.’s major stadium events: Bayou Country Superfest, Florida Country Superfest, Buckeye Country Superfest and Country 500. But most importantly, we deliver ingenuity and integrity.

Comprehensive Strategy

Founded in 1995, Festival Productions produces dozens of major festivals annually. To meet marketing, tourism and sales objectives of clients and sponsors with maximum efficiency, we help create experiences that inspire thousands of fans while also staying within budget.


Festival Productions Inc


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Wisdom Meets Ingenuity

When Festival Productions wanted to try something new with lighting that was more expensive than the budget allowed, one of our team members found a way to deliver everything they asked for without having to incur massive costs. It was an impressive and creative alternative inspired by our drive to be great and a passion for what we do.

Rain or Shine Integrity

To be upfront and honest about what we will deliver, we provide a thorough presentation with layouts and develop visuals of how we’re going to execute Festival Productions’ vision. We also work on a safety plan in conjunction with the staging company to be prepared for anything. Being good team players helps everyone stay calm when challenges arise, which is critical in our industry.

Morris takes my ideas and fine-tunes them exactly how I envisioned. It’s like they can read my mind.

Reginald ToussaintStage Production Executive Director, Festival Productions, Inc.

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Ready To Turn Your Vision Into Reality?

We are passionate about creativity and love working with the best people in the industry. The results are long-standing client relationships and a high-performing team that’s widely recognized as the best in the business. Want to see what Morris can do for you? Give us a shout.